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  • Where do we live?
    Pure Blind 93P. Please see the staging page for more details
  • How do i get to home system?
    Set home station, shuttle, ceptor, fly to torrinos. Do not jump through the EC gate unless you have a scout. (Use intel channel for scout or ask in teamspeak)
  • What can i buy there?
    Most if not all of our doctrine ships and items are available in 93 as well as a growing supply of the most popular items for PvE, Mining, and new pilot friendly ships and items
  • Why did i die?
    Best way to know why you died is the review your actions and see what you could of done better. Example: If you died jumping a gate to get back home (did you ask for status), or did you check the recent status of a system (killboard). Sometimes being destroyed just cannot be avoided. Always rememeber to only fly what you can afford lose.
  • What do we do?
    We do little bit of everything, we have Ratters, Miners, Roams and Sov. But mainly PvP
  • Can i fc?
    Yes, take the initiative and ask if you can FC or form your own fleet and ask some one to ping the fleet details in Discord for good turnout (prepare ahead of time)
  • Who is FC?
    Most fleet form ups will be pinged in Discord with the details such as FC, Ships, Time and addtional detail in regards to the fleet. Find the current FIGL FC's [here]
  • When is next fleet
    Any OPS will be pinged in Discord however in some scenarios a fleet can be created in a flash form scenario (rage ping). Try to stayu in the standing fleet and be active in TS so that you are ready.
  • What is Directional Scanner and how to use it
    Directional scanner (D-scan) is used to identify certain ships and objects in space within 14au of your ship. All ships are capable of this without any added equipment. The default shortcut is the "V" key. The directional scanner window is in the Solar System map (Alt+P) by default. It's recommended to undock the D-scan window so it can be visible at all times. FIGL runs a class on this subject so check that out or you can also ask for advice from one of the vets.
  • I keep dying in EC gate (Explain other routes and ofc the freight services)
    Use TS and the Intel Channel to ask for information on the system you require to enter. However if you are not able to get any intel the safer route will be too come around via Sareenen, however please be aware it might be safer but there is still a possibilty of gate campers, Check the killboard for recent activity if you are unsure.
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